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Adding wines to your cellar database

Grow your wine collection: Everytime you add a new bottle, simply click the 'Add Wine to Cellar' tab and type the first few letters of the winery. The software will automatically retrieve results of wines that match your input. Data on more than 66,000 wines from wineries all over the world is included in database. If The Uncorked Cellar does not have information about the wine you are adding, you may add the information manually. The software will then store your entry.

When to drink the wine? Tasting notes are included with the software. You may also add your own notes. These notes help you decide how long to let a particular wine age, on what occasion to drink a wine, what to serve with it, etc.

About the winery: Have a great fondness for a particular wine? The Uncorked Cellar makes it easy to contact the winery to plan a visit, to order cases, to find their website, or just to write them with your comments. Information on over 13,500 wineries around the world is included with the software.

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