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Virtual wine rack: add columns and rows to the wine cellar on your computer screen to have it match your physical wine cellar. Wine tags let you synchronize your virtual and physical cellars easily.
Information on thousands of wines: Software includes details of over 47,000 wines from America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, South Africa, and France, etc. Including all vintages, more than 85,000 wines are detailed. Information is updated regularly.
Wine sorting function: Allows one-click sorting of wines by winery, vintage, peak, merit, region, et cetera, so your cellar always stays organized.
Barcode Wizard: Allows you to add or uncork a wine simply by scanning the barcode.
Link image files to wines: You may add images such as scans of wine label art to each bottle of wine you have in your cellar. Click on a wine and its label is displayed.
Automatic updates: Ensure that your software has up-to-date information.
Graphs section: Allows you to analyze your cellar's contents and decide what wines need to be uncorked and when.
Export or Print reports: effortlessly export files for backup, print or export reports for your records or to share with colleagues.


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